December 22, 2010

Woman in full-cut nylon panties with stockings

(click on picture to see at full size)
  • Location: Managua, Nicaragua
  • Owner: 38 years old
  • Panties: Vanity fair, nylon  full-cut, old style, Size 6, beige
  • Sent in by: Self. Photo taken by husband.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture - see it was sent in by 'self' - Please don't be 'self'ish. More pictures!!! Lovely bottom. Kissable, lickable!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending the picture in, baby. Send more. We love them!

Anonymous said...

nice pantys covering that bottom that makes it look even better, more pictures please.

Anonymous said...


delperusoy09 said...

Grannie's panties ha ha ha, they said like this but... They are wrong. Big panty size rules!

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