October 1, 2008

Mom's full-cut nylon briefs

  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  • Owner: 46-year old mom
  • Panties: Vanity Fair pink nylon briefs, Size 8
  • Style: Full briefs
  • Sent in by: Son


Anonymous said...

Very nice!! I remember both my mom and sister wearing this type of underwear growing up. Can we see anymore of mom's undies?? ;-)

jamoke59 said...

Very nice" I have known many ladies who wore the same type panties,as for mom shes about my age and would love to see more,sexier yet if she wears those under pantyhose.

Anonymous said...

Yep, very sexy with or without pantyhose.and they feel great, love to Jack in them

Anonymous said...

I love your mothers panties they are beautiful!! I grew up with my mothers panties just like this and they were the most blissful part of my young life.

David Beebe said...

Yep.....nylon full cut panties are the most comfy panties to wear....and Jack off with on my cock.....feel so good.....sexy too.....

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