April 4, 2009

Wife in white bikini panties with stockings and garter belt

(click on picture to see at full size)
  • Location: North Carolina
  • Owner: She's 39 years old, works as a nurse, is 5' 7" tall and weighs 129 pounds.
  • Panties: The bikini panties and garter belt are from Jezebel Lingerie, Size Medium
  • Sent in by: Husband


Anonymous said...

As a boy we all went to the outhouse together, girl cousins, girl neighbors, included. One time there were so many of us, we had to take turns. The girls neatly slid their panties down as they slid up on the seat, so nothing risque happened. Then one day, my favorite cousin told me her mother said we should not go into the outhouse together. She must have told the neighbor girls because they started saying, "You wait,' to me.

I did not understand why it had been OK but now was not, and wished to be a small boy again, after all, my cousin had a little sister and no brother, so I had shown her how handy it was for me to use my hose to hit where I wanted to. I wanted to marry that girl when I grew up, but my mother said I couldn't marry my own cousin.

There is till something nice about being open to each other. Years later she is still my favorite cousin, and we don't keep many secrets ...we mostly do like little folks do.

Anonymous said...

Very nice panties. I just love upskirt panty pics oh hot women. My wife knows this and will wear skirts and sexy panties when we go out and let guys see her panties which drives me so wild

Anonymous said...

nice panties luv the upskirt

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