November 23, 2010

Woman having her skirt blown up by a fairground funhouse air jet

(click on picture to see at full size)
  • Location: Dorset, UK
  • Owner: Age 52, 5'8'' tall
  • Panties: White cotton lace-front panties
  • Sent in by: Partner


Anonymous said...

Ok, first the negative - way too bad it's out of focus. Now the positive: LOVE the lace panties and would love to see 'MORE' of this beautiful model and her collection. THANKS!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great action shot. To relate to the comments of the previous post, her skirt is out of focus because it is obviously being blasted by a strong air jet. Her face has probably been blurred in order to protect her identity, and spare her blushes? The main thing is, her legs and panties are in perfect focus. I love the transparent affect of the lace panties. I agree with the previous, perhaps we can persuade the author to post more pictures of this lady.

Anonymous said...

The funhouse has been a major influence on my wife. We went thru a funhouse in London at the winterffest. The operator blew her dress up and several men whistled and yelled. At first she was mad. The operator announced on the speaker "beautiful blue knickers (panties)" When we got home,she started feeling better and stated that she believed that they were only having fun. Now she has lost her modesty and loves to go to fairs and wear pleated skirts in funhouses every chance that she has and I love it.

Anonymous said...

Just a hint of a lovely full bush under those lovely full-cut panties. Wonderful. Thanks.

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