February 14, 2012

Views of wife outdoors in white nylon panties and bra

(click on picture to see at full size)
  • Location: Norway
  • Owner: 46, white, married
  • Panties: Full-cut white nylon panties and white bra. Panties: size 6, Brand: Vanity Fair 13001, Bra: white lace, Size: 80E (32E), Brand: Change
  • Sent in by: husband


    Anonymous said...

    This lady is hot. Again she has me so excited. The picture, you can see the outline of her nipple in the bar cup, she has to be a D cup. very nice. The white panty tight around her bottom, and crouch. Oh my God, I can't take it. The only problem with the picture, is its to much, to many shots, It would be better with just one. Tony F.

    Anonymous said...

    very sexy you are a beautiful lady

    pantyfan said...

    Norway back with a bang, super colection of pics, you are spoiling us, yor tits are fantastic.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks Norway!
    All I can say is... Yummy!!
    She sure knows how to make any panty exciting. Keep the camera going, and don't forget to share.

    As in the last post, you are spoiling us......but don't ever stop.

    Awesome lady.

    Anonymous said...

    6 sexy panties pictures in one. Love it.

    Thanks and keep the camera going

    Anonymous said...

    Great ass.
    What a gorgeous lady in such mouth watering panties!
    Erotic and exciting. If I keep writing it would not be aporopriate for this site.


    Anonymous said...

    I want more every time I see her. Great pics. Does she share?


    Al Wheels said...

    My wife used "show off" in bra and very sexy panties at certain beaches and parks.
    A total turn later... ;-))

    Anonymous said...

    Excellent set of pics. VF panties are just wonderful. I love seeing a real women in every day panties. PLEASE post more of her. And thank YOU !!

    Anonymous said...

    Are those light pink? Or are they white. Either way they are lovely. And they fit nice and snug to show just a hint of what is under the fabric. Like Al wheels said They are a total tun on.

    Anonymous said...

    Even though the last guy could not spell, I think the are a real turn on too! (with an R)

    Anonymous said...

    You just have to love those nipples, protruding downwards as they do. I would love to get a mouthful of them or have them rubbed against my face.

    Anonymous said...

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