March 31, 2017

Wife in bed showing bottom in cherry print hiphugger panties

(click on picture to see at full size)
  • Location: Texas
  • Owner: 27 year old wife, married 5 years, mother of one, Teacher, white, 5'9", athletic build
  • Panties: Cherry print hiphugger panties, silver.  Handmade item made at  Nylon, Spandex and FOE elastic. Size L.  Has some light glitter.
  • Picture taken by: Blessed hubby


Permissionman said...

I love 🍒 great looking A.. hope to see more panties!!! See thru White would be FANTASTIC!

Permissionman said...

I love cherry 🍒!! Great looking A.. hope to see you in a pair of White

Crazy Carl said...

Thanks, I'll try and get in what I can soon. The only white Ive gotten for her is a white vanity Fair string bikini panties that are microfiber. White nylon thong. White cotton thong with blue letters that say property of then my name.

Anonymous said...

LOL - would love to see her wearing the thong that says Property of Carl 😀

William Keophothisane said...


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