Show your panties!

Have a picture of a pair of panties? Send it to Real Panties at and show it to the world!

Interested? Please read the following:

  • You must own the rights to the photo (no copyrighted or stolen photos!)
  • Panties must belong to an adult woman (over 18)
  • Panties must be clean, and shown in a tasteful manner
  • Photo of the owner modeling the panties, and candid pictures are OK, but no sexually explicit photos -- this is not an adult site!
Please send as much of the following information that you care to share:
  • Location: Country and/or state
  • Owner: Age, single/married, race/ethnicity, occupation etc.
  • Panties: Style, Brand, Material, Size, Color, Where made, Where purchased, etc. (see here for a quick guide to different styles of panties.)
  • Sent in by: Who took the photo and/or sent it in.
Feel free to include any additional notes of interest about the panties or their owner. No identifying information will ever be saved or published. For photos featuring the owner, I suggest not including the face or blurring the face.Your photo will never be used for any purpose other than for posting on this blog.

If you are sending more than one photo, please send each one in a separate email, with details about the photo included in the email.

While you are here, also consider sending in a pic to my other blog Real Women's Feet.

Thank you!

Have a picture of a pair of panties?

Send it to Real Panties at and show them to the world! Click here for details.